Nursery Reveal

5th June 2015

Photo Jun 04, 12 53 26 PM Photo Jun 04, 12 53 46 PM Photo Jun 04, 12 54 21 PM Photo Jun 04, 12 55 55 PM Photo Jun 04, 12 56 45 PM Photo Jun 04, 12 59 29 PM Photo May 07, 3 58 55 PM

Bun’s nursery was a labor of love. His Papa (my dad) who by the way is crazy excited for his arrival patiently spent several days helping me bring my vision to life.  He assembled the furniture and hung the shelves and artwork.  Without him, this baby would be sleeping in a box on the floor (thanks dad!!).  It is still a work in progress, but I’m happy with how it has come together so far.  My favorite part of the room is the framed vintage Winnie the Pooh illustrations purchased during our trip to London before we even knew of Bun’s existence.  We told ourselves we would save it for a nursery someday.  Little did we know it would be so soon. At least once a day I stand at the doorway, stare, and daydream about all the sweet memories we will make here.  Oh Bun, you are so loved already. Can’t wait to meet you buddy.

Sources- crib // rocker // dresser // decals // crib linens // shelves // mobile // rug

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