Motherhood months 1-3

6th October 2015

It’s hard to believe that our little Bun is already three and a half months old! My goal is to document every month of his life until his first birthday.  Silly me underestimated the amount of work it takes to keep a tiny human alive so this post is a super long recap of our “fourth trimester”.

Birth Story

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My pregnancy was great- no major complications plus I was  one of those women who looked pregnant only from the waist down. Basically I was harboring a basketball under my clothes.  I stayed active, practiced yoga, walked 2 miles everyday, and ate steak and burgers to my heart’s content.  Also strangers were so nice to me. It was great ! Then at week 40 I was suddenly over it and couldn’t wait to get this baby out.

My family had arrived from Texas the night before and throughout the entire day we were busy running around San Jose trying to do things that would be harder after the baby’s arrival. I remember walking waddling around the Asian market and Santana Row and later even tending to my garden.  I had no idea what was to come.  We had dinner at home that night and that’s when I noticed things starting to get REAL. I had contractions on and off weeks before but none as intense as these.  At first I ignored them because our birth instructors emphasized that first babies take forever to arrive and labor can last for up to 3 days.  So with that information ingrained in my head, I went about my business, enjoyed my dinner, and decided to wait it out.  Things quickly progressed shortly after and before I knew it I was yelling at Derek to get my bags ready and drive me to the hospital. I don’t think he knew how serious I was because I caught this guy doing last minute cleaning… husbands- when your wife tells you it’s time to take her to the hospital she means business!

By the time we got to the hospital, my doula, aka my sister Mandi, was waiting there for us ready with a wheelchair. They quickly took me to labor and delivery and upon check in the nurse discovered I was already 8 cm dilated! I only had 2cm until game time and was determined to follow my birth plan and deliver the baby naturally without medication. My midwife Lin (who is English and strongly resembles the real life Mary Poppins), the medical team, and Derek and Mandi were so amazing.  They supported me the entire time and helped me push through the pain. Massage, feeding me ice chips, fetching water, sitting with me in the shower- you name it they did it.  After 2 hours of labor it was finally time to push.  I was 10cm dilated and had a  urge to poop which they say is how you know it’s GO TIME.  After an hour of pushing, Bun arrived at 4:08 am with a full head of hair, sporting his daddy’s eyes and nose. We were all hugging and shedding tears of joy the moment we heard him cry.  We spent the first hour alone to bond as a party of three and shortly after my family came in to meet him.  I couldn’t have asked for a better delivery. It was the hardest most challenging thing I’ve ever done in my life. The experience has helped me appreciate my body and most of all given me more respect for my own mother and mothers everywhere. #GIRLPOWER

Month One

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The first couple weeks were crazy to say the least.  In the hospital the nurses would comment on how calm and laid back I was but when we got home, my emotions suddenly cycled from extreme feelings of happiness to feeling overwhelmed, unprepared, and exhausted.  Luke had to spend a couple days in the NICU for jaundice and we were desperately trying to help him flush it out. This did not help with establishing breastfeeding ( FYI it was not as easy or natural as I thought it would be).  He also had a tongue and a lip tie which made it hard for him to nurse plus we had to wait two weeks before he could get an appointment to fix it.  During this time I was practically chained to my breast pump and felt like I was missing out on bonding with him. I feared that he would only know me as a milk machine and not his mommy.  Things got better though. His tongue and lip tie got revised and after a few appointments with the lactation consultant he began nursing like a champ. Soon we were actually able to enjoy our little guy, but getting through the initial bumps would not have been possible without the help of our family and friends who took amazing care of us during the first month.  They cooked, cleaned, and took care of the baby so we could get extra sleep. To be completely honest, things are sorta blurry from that time.  It’s true what people say- it really does ” take a village” to raise a child and I am eternally grateful for all the help, love, and encouragement we received as we learned to navigate life as new parents.

At one month Luke…

  • can eat and poop at the same time
  • loves to be out and about (prefers noisy public places than quiet ones)
  • has pulled out chunks of hair from his Tita Didi’s and pediatrician’s head
  • is super orangey tan thanks to his jaundice and looks like he is about to audition for baby “Jersey Shore”
  • gets mad when hungry (aka “hangry”)
  • loves music
  • can sleep through blood draws like a champ
  • is the apple of Mama and Daddy’s eye

Month 2

Photo Aug 21, 8 46 38 AM

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The second month was so much easier than the first.  Luke’s personality was starting to emerge and he became a lot more alert and aware of things around him. One morning while I was having my usual conversation with him about how much I love him he suddenly started staring and cooing back at me! My heart melted into a puddle that day.  Things like this make me wish he would stay this little forever.  Derek and I also celebrated our first birthday as parents (which made us feel extra grown up and old) but having him there was the best gift we have ever received!

At two months Luke…

  • loves to take baths
  • enjoys looking at himself in the mirror
  • coos and smiles
  • is a champion breastfeeder
  • is losing hair and oftentimes looks like a little old man
  • HATES tummy time
  • started Gymboree class but is afraid of the clown mascot “Gymbo”
  • shops at Target with mommy almost every day
  • will strain his neck to watch T.V. when we attempt to hide it from him. (Monday night football and Barefoot Contessa are among his favorites)

Month Three

Photo Oct 05, 10 23 13 PM

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Now that he is three months old I feel like we have finally got into the groove of things.  We are more familiar with his routine and can distinguish hungry cries from his poopie ones.  These days I spend most of my time staring at his perfect little features and wondering what he will be like when he grows up. There’s no doubt we are still learning the ropes of parenthood but we take heart in the infinite amount of joy this tiny human brings us each day.

At three months Luke…

  • shrieks with happiness when Daddy gets home
  • loves the ABC song
  • hates FaceTime
  • is a morning person (he wakes up with a smile everyday)
  • has started sleeping longer at night… Mama is looking forward to the day when he sleeps through the night!
  • has taken interest in his furry brothers Burger and Derby
  • is mesmerized with Mama’s birthday balloon and can stare at it for hours
  • is starting to laugh

Luke is such a sweet, happy baby and it definitely has been so much fun watching him grow.  Bun, thank you for choosing us to be your parents. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have you here. Thanks for following. See you all next month!

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