I Heart SF -Treasure Island Flea

4th March 2014

Here is the newest installment of the San Francisco photo series I started last week.  After our weekly Sunday brunch, D and I drove up 880 and crossed the new and improved Bay Bridge into Treasure Island.  It was a blindingly sunny day but you could see the fog slowly rolling in at the same time which made for an eerie and dramatic backdrop.  The flea comes around on the last Sunday of every month and hosts an eclectic mix of people, antiques, vintage clothing, and handmade goods.  As a recovering hoarder I’ve taken an oath to stop bringing home random junk both for Derek’s sanity and because I was one cookie cutter purchase away from being featured on Hoarders.  Needless to say I left empty handed, but If I had the patience though, I think it would be fun to look for a cool vintage dress or find a mid-century credenza to re-finish (Treasure Island is the perfect place for that).  We spent most of the afternoon people watching and enjoying the sunshine, but the best part of the day was ingesting a dozen perfect mini donuts in under 2 minutes until deep guilt and regret set in.  Definitely a successful Sunday! Until next time amigos.



//Treasure Island Flea// (hosted last Sunday of every month)
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One thought on “I Heart SF -Treasure Island Flea

  1. Betsy

    The photos you took at the treasure island flea market are great!! Love the old phone & the camel cigs


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