Capturing San Francisco- The Mission District

26th February 2014

Lately, I’ve been bringing my camera EVERYWHERE. My sincerest apologies go out to the people I habitually annoy when I stop from them eating the first bite of hot food or point a huge lens in their face while giving orders to act natural. So far my family and friends haven’t killed me yet but I did recently get yelled at by a mean lady at a cafe. Ugh, rude!  I still have so much to learn but when it comes to mastering this craft I hear practice makes perfect.

Speaking of practice, these photos were taken about a week ago alongside my friend and fellow photography lover, Mabel. We tricked our husbands into eating dim sum with us in the city and then ditched them (in the nicest of ways of course) to do a photo walk around the Mission. After more than three hours of walking, we ended the day with well deserved sangrias and Mexican food. This is the first of many SF neighborhoods we plan on exploring so stay tuned for our next installment.


Dim Sum// Mama Ji’s


Waffles and Lattes// Linea Caffe


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