Le Weekend

15th October 2013

rsz_photo_oct_12_11_54_57_am rsz_photo_oct_12_11_54_02_am rsz_photo_oct_12_11_57_58_am rsz_photo_oct_12_12_17_02_pm rsz_photo_oct_12_12_31_49_pm rsz_photo_oct_12_1_25_03_pm rsz_photo_oct_12_12_16_32_pm rsz_photo_oct_13_11_18_47_am rsz_photo_oct_13_2_23_56_pm

Enjoyed good food and lots of much needed R&R over the weekend.  It’s been an insane past couple months for me and thankfully I was able to use this time to reflect and make some tough decisions that have been looming over me for awhile now. Feels good!

photos: tomales bay oyster company / refuge carmel

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