8th October 2013


When you’re with someone for what seems like an eternity, its easy to assume that marriage won’t change your relationship dynamic much. Just a few months ago I viewed getting married as more of a tradition and a piece of paper needed to legalize things.  Recently though, I’ve found myself  unconsciously shifting my mindset  to a “we” instead of “me” mentality.  I liken this shift to your spouse becoming like one of your limbs or vital organs.  Life just wouldn’t be the same or almost impossible without them. My heart drops to the floor at the thought of that ever happening. Yeah I know so corny but so true and this is coming from one of the most awkwardly unaffectionate human beings on the planet.

Derek has been camped out at his office for over a week now slaving over a deal/merger (I still have no idea what he does) and was able to come home for a few hours this morning to say hello and get some rest. I couldn’t have been happier to have him home even if it was just for a second. Burger loved it too.

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  1. Kc

    Awe! So sweet, Mel. Those husbands of ours…they do manage to make themselves so indispensable, don’t they? You and D are adorable. :)


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