24th September 2013


If you count Asian Avenue, Xanga, and other ancient blogging platforms this is probably my millionth attempt at journaling my life.  I notice an ongoing theme to my blogging habits which usually goes from excitement, to habit, then boredom, and eventually the sad demise and death of my little corner of the interwebs (I imagine a thousand grotesque spiders crawling all over it spinning cobwebs and such). After a year or two of abandoning ship I find myself going back to old posts and smiling at my younger self, frequently cringing at my questionable decisions (please don’t google my xanga account).  It’s fun to look back and reminisce. Since my hiatus I’ve been using the lazy man’s blog— you can catch up with my life here if you’re curious.  This is the last year in my twenties and exciting things are happening, so I thought why not celebrate by giving it another go? I promise to do my best to keep the spiders away.

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