Traveling with baby

27th September 2016

We recently took a trip to Vancouver to visit family and EAT (of course).  Luke traveled like a champ and was pretty easy going for the most part. We brought some of his favorite toys, plenty of snacks, and sang tons of Elmo songs. Thank God for Elmo. I owe my sanity to that little red monster! (I will try to write a separate post on tips for traveling with a baby/toddler later).  He also loved looking out the window while pointing and shrieking at the tiny cars, houses, and mountains below us. It was super adorable. As a mom, watching your baby experiencing things for the first time is the best.

The first thing we did when we landed was head straight to our favorite sushi restaurant. I had some of the freshest uni and tuna belly there. I swear Vancouver has the best Asian food next to the real thing. After that first meal, we basically continued to eat everything in our sight until it was time to go home. Some favorites that ended up in my belly included: XLB (shanghainese soup dumplings), Hong Kong style French toast, and authentic dim sum. Yikes, my jeans were noticeably tighter when we got home but it was totally worth it.

Travel has always been important to us and we want to continue to do it even though it gets a million times more complicated with a child. One thing we learned is to be extremely flexible and up for anything. We keep a loose itinerary in our heads of what we’d like to do with the idea that it can change at any moment thanks to things like a sudden meltdown or missed nap. Since we’ve been to Vancouver several times, we skipped out on the adventurous hikes and drives to the surrounding scenic areas and instead focused on spending time with family and friends, visiting family-friendly places, and eating.  To be honest we were usually exhausted and in pjs by 8:30 pm our entire trip! I know that sounds lame, but we were literally high-fiving each other for surviving at the end of the day.  As Luke gets older I know traveling will get easier and resemble our pre-baby traveling style once again. For now, I’m really glad we did this and look forward to more family trips in the future.

Here are some photos from our trip. My SLR camera was tragically destroyed by a leaky sippy cup (ugh, I’m still in denial), but luckily my point and shoot that was intended for video came through.

SJC airport Vancouver, BCSushisushi Granville Island Granville Island Granville Island Vancouver Night Market Vancouver Night Market Stanley Parkstanley parkStanley ParkStanley ParkStanley ParkStanley ParkStanley Park Stanley Park Stanley ParkVancouver, BC

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